A downloadable game for Windows

use wasd to move and space to jump, or just use mouse left click to throw the "Blink Dagger" and move your short range throwable teleportation device.

Trigger warning: you are a skeleton trying to reach your skeleton freinds in their gold spa at the end of the temple you are sort of guarding.

if you fall down in the pit below you just jump in the gap in the middle of it and you will e teleported back to the start, also there is nothing stopping you from blinking onto the top of the walls but this was not intended.

finally towrds the end of the level there is a small space overlooking the level which has some crystals that I purchased, and the skeleton models and dragon knife (blink dagger) models where free downloads that I imported.

other than those and some textures I believe everything else I made myself.


Blink Dagger.zip 17 MB